Saturday, December 12, 2009


IF you read my blog, would you mind commenting!! i feel like im writing to no one. which really sucks cuz its cool to have a blog, but its also kind of stupid to just be blabbing on and on on this stupid site that no one will ever see!!!!!!!!!! SO PLEASE COMMENT.

Lifes been good, but these to guys who i "thought" were cool turned out to be socially ackward... haha and why am i mentioning this?? i really dont know why. i think its cuz im going to tell my friend morgan about this blog, and i know she will crack up.. cuz we were totaly talking about that on the phone earlier. haha.

Omg!! we got our christmas tree up today, its such a shame tho, cuz there are no presents under it yet... THAT TOTALY BRINGS CHRISTMAS TO LIFE! But, its not like we can put christmas presents under the tree anyways, cuz if we did my curious 3 year old bro mite be ripping them open. tee hee

Ya so earlier i was watching Americas next top model. And i paused it to go to the bathroom, and i heard my dad say "i dont think this is the best show for her to be watching" lets just say that was kinda funny. But hes my dad, and ofcourse he wants to protect me. But, its ok, i can still watch it. Personaly i love that show (: Sadly, im scared the girls are going to like break in half or something! they are so freaken skinny and little! haha

Ya omg so you should totaly check out my new youtube page!! its its pretty cool beanzzz.

Welll i think thats all for tonite! see ya later aligater!!


Friday, December 4, 2009


OK OK OK so last time i posted it was thanksgiving!!! (but thats over now...) and now its getting near to christmas!!!!!!!!! :) i freaken love christmas cuz of the christmas trees, and the decorations!!! yayayayay go christmas!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey peeps!! whats up????? im just sitting here kinda irritated at the breakouts on my chin... haha but hey im 13 guess i gotta expect that!! lol unless i was like princess non-breakout! wow.. that was pretty pathetic, haha anyways lifes been gud! happyyyy meeeee cant wait for thanksgiving cuz i get pumpkin pie!!!!!! (: (: (: anddddddddd im about to have brownies.. i say amen to a great day!!! (: love yal!!

Alexa a.k.a BraceFace(:

Saturday, November 21, 2009


lifes been good for me latley. lots of stuff has been going on.... seems like everything has been going my way weather on the inside or out.. ive reached some goals... and lost some. But, despite everything im learning, im reading my insides trying to figure out who i am. 13-14 seems like the ages of finding urself.. and maybe it will lead on to 15. But, surley im loved for me, by not only family, but god. And if friends thoughts really mattered........ we would remember them in heaven. Simply breathing and living and being a servant to god is all that matteres, but in this world were dragged by other thoughts, temptations, and wanting to be like the others, who are following someone else. The circle never stops of trying to be better, sometimes u just need to step out, and walk somewhere else. Being in the wrong crowd can make you change into something they want, but u dont want.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


HeY pEoPlE!!

wAtS uP? If U rEaD mY bLoG pLeAsE lEaVe A CoMeNt! (CaN u ReAd ThIs?) HaHa WeLl I fEeL LiKe No OnE eVeR rEaDs My BlOg!! So LeAvE a CoMeNt If U ReAd mY bLoG!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A smile is always in style!

hey people! ok so i found the most adorable picture ever! and i totaly agree with it! its says a smile is always in style! (unless ur emo.. haha) lol well heres the pic :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

homade holoween costumes!!

I love cupcakes.... not really the taste as much as the look!!! they are so cute especially the ones with faces!!! so when i was thinking of a costume for my little sister.... immediately i thought cupcake! so i looked it up and found some great ideas! We made her a costume and this is wat it looks like! i think she looks to cute!!! lol well here it is! She also has a hat that goes with it...but i dnt have that on this pic lol...
Also.... I made a costume... its a mcdonald french fry costume! lol but i dont have a pic up!!!! i will put one up as soon as possible :)