Saturday, December 12, 2009


IF you read my blog, would you mind commenting!! i feel like im writing to no one. which really sucks cuz its cool to have a blog, but its also kind of stupid to just be blabbing on and on on this stupid site that no one will ever see!!!!!!!!!! SO PLEASE COMMENT.

Lifes been good, but these to guys who i "thought" were cool turned out to be socially ackward... haha and why am i mentioning this?? i really dont know why. i think its cuz im going to tell my friend morgan about this blog, and i know she will crack up.. cuz we were totaly talking about that on the phone earlier. haha.

Omg!! we got our christmas tree up today, its such a shame tho, cuz there are no presents under it yet... THAT TOTALY BRINGS CHRISTMAS TO LIFE! But, its not like we can put christmas presents under the tree anyways, cuz if we did my curious 3 year old bro mite be ripping them open. tee hee

Ya so earlier i was watching Americas next top model. And i paused it to go to the bathroom, and i heard my dad say "i dont think this is the best show for her to be watching" lets just say that was kinda funny. But hes my dad, and ofcourse he wants to protect me. But, its ok, i can still watch it. Personaly i love that show (: Sadly, im scared the girls are going to like break in half or something! they are so freaken skinny and little! haha

Ya omg so you should totaly check out my new youtube page!! its its pretty cool beanzzz.

Welll i think thats all for tonite! see ya later aligater!!


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