Saturday, November 21, 2009


lifes been good for me latley. lots of stuff has been going on.... seems like everything has been going my way weather on the inside or out.. ive reached some goals... and lost some. But, despite everything im learning, im reading my insides trying to figure out who i am. 13-14 seems like the ages of finding urself.. and maybe it will lead on to 15. But, surley im loved for me, by not only family, but god. And if friends thoughts really mattered........ we would remember them in heaven. Simply breathing and living and being a servant to god is all that matteres, but in this world were dragged by other thoughts, temptations, and wanting to be like the others, who are following someone else. The circle never stops of trying to be better, sometimes u just need to step out, and walk somewhere else. Being in the wrong crowd can make you change into something they want, but u dont want.


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